Abbie Chatfield threatened after Byron Bay vaccine TikTok

A reality star video about the outfit she planned to wear on her trip to Byron Bay fell like a lead balloon among the Antibacs community.

Former bachelor star Abbey Chatfield was threatened after posting a video in the outfit she wanted to wear when New South Wales reached her vaccination goals.

26-year-old podcast host posted Ticktaku In this week’s video, we’re showing off a green playsuit that we’ll be wearing when we’re allowed to travel within the state.

This video was posted in response to an anti-vaxxer who accused Chatfield of being “totally ignorant” and claimed to “thank the Warrior of Liberty later.”

Correspondingly I’m a celebrity Get me out of here! The winner jokingly said, “Thank you for your service, but I think it’s the outfit I’m going to choose while you’re fighting your freedom.”

“I know you’re busy, but again, I want to go on vacation to Byron with my friends. I’m thinking at a beach hotel, I’m having a drink , I’m f *** random people because I can.

“What do you think of me traveling the area in this outfit, unlike unvaccinated people?”

The video, which she also shared on Instagram Reels, seems to be nervous among the anti-vaxxer community, with hundreds of people commenting on nasty insults and sending vulgar direct messages.

In retaliation Love Island After Dark The host shared some rough messages on her story.

One of the most disturbing messages tells the chat field:

Another made a dirty derogatory comment about Chatfield’s body before threatening to kick her head if Chatfield encountered her in real life.

The abuse was so widespread that Chatfield revealed that it reminded her of the backlash she received from the general public. After the end of the Matt Agnew season Bachelor 2019..

“I feel a little triggered Bachelor So tomorrow and weekends will be off, “she said in tears late Thursday night.

“People are enjoying psycho.

“It feels like after a bachelor’s degree. There are many threats of violence.”

Abbie Chatfield threatened after Byron Bay vaccine TikTok Source link Abbie Chatfield threatened after Byron Bay vaccine TikTok

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