A-League: Alessandro Diamanti wants to help Australian football

The best A-League players say that the standard growth of competition depends on the introduction of promotions and demotions, and the abolition of salary caps.

West United Italian star Alessandro Diamanti, an active Johnny Warren medalist, said the A-League’s professionalism and organization were “very good.”

And for players who turned 38 in May and are nearing the end of their careers, that’s more than enough for Diamanti.

But as someone enthusiastic about growing Australian Rules football and developing better players, Diamanti wants a more “competitive” A-League, where every match means something.

“I like the A-League way, but if you want to grow faster, you have to change something,” said the evergreen playmaker, who has this deal in Italy, the United Kingdom and China. ..

“It’s because there are no salary caps anymore, there are promotions and demotions.

“If you have a demotion, you fight for something. You can’t grow fast without pressure, so you can grow fast.

If a player can get on the pitch and say, “Winning or losing, nothing changes,” you can’t grow.

“Competitiveness is three, four, five teams fighting for the championship and three, four, five teams fighting to avoid demotion. The match will get harder and harder.”

media_cameraWestern United captain Alessandro Diamanti is the best player in the A-League.Photo: Grahamdenholm / Getty Images

Diamanti said it was part of his “big vision” for A-League and Australian Rules football, suggesting that he would like to stay here after retirement.

“If I’m selfish, that’s not my problem, but I’m thinking of the other guys in this league. They have all the skills physically and mentally. And are ready to grow, “he said.

“I speak for young people, I don’t speak for me. I have a big vision, but not my vision.

“I think my future is in Australia. I have a big plan, but I don’t want to say anything yet.”

Diamanti, who hosts the Western Sydney Wanderers in Ballarat on Sunday, has signed with Western United until the end of next season.

However, he does not rule out retiring at the end of United’s current campaign.

“Next season we’ll see. I have a contract, but for me the contract is just a piece of paper,” said former Bologna, West Ham and Guangzhou Football Club playmakers. It was.

“I’m very proud. At my age, I play with passion. If I’m still physically and passionate, I just keep playing because I don’t want to play. I want to make a difference.

“To make a difference, you need to maintain 100% of your passion and body, otherwise you prefer to stay at home.”

Initially published as follows Diamanti’s Australian Rules Football “Big Vision”

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