‘A bad decision’: Palaszczuk border rules will cost Queenslander jobs

The Queensland Government’s proposal could be closed at the state’s borders even at a national vaccination rate of 80%, and was accused by the Federal Treasury of being a “bad decision” at the expense of employment. rice field.

Friday’s Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek said he didn’t want to resume, saying “80% actually set you back and don’t want Queensland to do that.”

Since then, her remarks have been severely criticized for being labeled by Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg as a policy to separate Queensland’s families.

“This decision and the announcement by the Queensland Government mean that we may not see the opening of borders in line with the national plan, but it’s not good. It’s not good to sacrifice Queensland’s employment. It’s a bad decision, “he said.

“It is a bad decision to mean that Queensland families are separated, which would be inconsistent with what was agreed by the national cabinet.

“In Queensland, it is very important that borders be opened according to immunization rates of 70% and 80%.

“People want their lives to return to their original state. Prime Ministers and Prime Ministers give people hope, opportunities to reopen their businesses, reunite with loved ones, and send their children back. To school.

“That’s what Australians expect from their state and territory leaders.”

Place of origin‘A bad decision’: Palaszczuk border rules will cost Queenslander jobs

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