50k sign petition to bring back mobile speed camera signs in NSW

More than 56,000 people have signed a petition requesting the NSW state government to regain the warning signs for automatic speed cameras.

More than 56,000 people have signed a petition calling on the NSW state government to regain the warning sign for mobile speed cameras.

The· Petition “Regaining a car marked as a warning sign for a mobile speed camera in New South Wales” was launched by Alex D just two weeks ago.

Alex argued that the change did not enhance road safety and was a “complete source of income.”

The· ChangeEffective in November include the removal of warning signs around automatic speed cameras, the removal of markings on camera-equipped vehicles, and the increased time spent enforcing speed limits.

Last December, Monthly speeding fines have risen to just under $ 2.5 million — Increased from just under $ 400,000 last year.

The Government of New South Wales said the change would make roads safer and continue to save lives.

However, individuals who have signed the petition claim that imposing a two-week fine after a speed breach is not an effective deterrent.

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“I have begun this petition to have New South Wales automatic speed cameras display the’automatic speed camera’sign and reattach the Hi-Vis sticker to the vehicle,” said Alex D. The petition states.

“I strongly believe that it is a complete increase in income and is causing more problems than it is preventing.

“For example, when driving in a local 50 km city, 99% of the time is concentrated on the road and its surroundings. Now! We are always looking for a white wagon and an SUV that might be a camera. I’m looking for!

“I personally saw the white wagon caring about my business and noticed that many cars were braking.

“Needless to say, mobile cameras have a 99% chance of being illegally parked on parliamentary paths and sidewalks.”

Proponents commenting on the petition said they did not believe that removing the sign was a tactic to enhance traffic safety and increase income.

“It’s not an Australian. How can you save your life by receiving a fine two weeks later?” Matt Johnson wrote in his petition.

“It’s not safe … it’s that income,” said Chad Lucas, who signed the petition.

“This recent rule change isn’t purely about drivers and road safety for income,” writes Nathan Robinson.

Andrew Constance, Minister of Transport of NSW, The changes I said earlier are meant to change culture And the behavior of the driver.

“We want to make a difference,” Constance said.

“Knowing the impact on families, loved ones, children, and our community, we cannot continue to do what we do year after year.”

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