4-Year-Old Shoots Himself To Death As Mom Played Cards, Drank And Smoked Pot

In a tragic incident, a 4-year-old child in North Carolina accidentally committed suicide after finding a gun under the cushion of his sofa at home. The incident happened around 10 pm on Sunday, Highpoint police sources said.

During the incident, several adults were at home, including the mother of the child. Police said they were having dinner, playing cards, drinking alcohol, and smoking marijuana while the children were not being monitored. WXII12.

The boy was taken to the nearest medical facility but suffered a head injury at the High Point Regional Hospital.

Upon arrival, police officers found the boy lying on the floor of the living room. According to the release from the police, the child wandered in the living room. There he found a gun under the cushion on the sofa.

Adults became aware of the incident only after hearing the gunshots.

NS Detective found Two additional guns, and multiple gun accessories and ammunition from the dwelling. They also recovered marijuana and cocaine.

The detective interviewed all adult members who were at home when the shooting took place. Following this, they arrested homeowner Cindy V. Gibson-Harris and her child’s mother, Jasmine Fagan.

Gibson-Harris faces crimes such as possession of cocaine for felony and maintenance of housing for the use of controlled substances. She was placed in Guilford County Jail at High Point under a $ 25,000 secured bond. Fagan is guilty of felony child abuse. She is imprisoned in Highpoint Prison under a $ 50,000 secured bond.

and Similar caseA 10-year-old boy from Philadelphia died of accidentally shooting his chest while playing with his sister. At that time, the children were alone at home. The unidentified boy was at home alone with his eight-year-old sister when he discovered the gun. Seeing his brother shoot himself, the young girl went to her neighbor’s house for help. “There was a gun in the cabinet that the kids found, and at some point it seems that the kids released their weapons into their heads,” said Philadelphia police captain Lee Strolo.

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4-Year-Old Shoots Himself To Death As Mom Played Cards, Drank And Smoked Pot Source link 4-Year-Old Shoots Himself To Death As Mom Played Cards, Drank And Smoked Pot

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