4-Year-Old Child Locked In Bedroom For 15 Hours With Human Feces, Trash

Two parents in northern Kentucky were arrested after a four-year-old child was found trapped in a bedroom for 15 hours and human feces and debris were trapped everywhere.

The Boon County Sheriff’s Office said the child was in a “disastrous state.” On May 10, lawmakers were called to Ashford Drive to assist the Health and Family Services Cabinet on reports of NBC-affiliated abuse and neglect. WLWT5 Reported on Monday. Police officers found the child trapped in the bedroom and found him in the same place for 15 hours each day.

According to police, the walls and ceiling of the bedroom were covered with human dung, and the floor had holes, debris, and food. According to the CBS / CW affiliate, the sheriff’s office said there was a “toilet training mat, a single foam mat on which the victim slept.” WKYT.. The detective said that every day his parents took the child out of the locked room, but sent him back if he “exploded.”

I had other children at home and I was virtually in school. According to WKYT, the sheriff’s office said in a news release, “Kazertine remains trapped in the bedroom to prevent children from being distracted while other children at home are effectively attending school. Said. “

According to local media, all children were sent to foster parents.

On Monday, the detective arrested the parents of children identified as Troy Kazeltine, 44, and Susan Kazeltine, 40, for one criminal abuse each. Their bond is set at $ 500,000 in cash.

In a similar case last year, 9 years old Pennsylvania The girl was unconscious after being tortured and trapped in a closet. The child’s mother and her boyfriend were charged with child abuse and neglect. Authorities noticed that the girl was unresponsive on the bathroom floor when responding to an emergency call on November 23. The child suffered multiple injuries and suffered major bruising throughout his body. She was taken in danger to Nemours / AI DuPont Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware. Julian Lewis, 31, and her boyfriend Dimitrios Mochalis, 34, have been charged with multiple charges of weighted assault and imprisonment for the abuse and torture of Lewis’ daughter.

Of handcuffs.
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4-Year-Old Child Locked In Bedroom For 15 Hours With Human Feces, Trash Source link 4-Year-Old Child Locked In Bedroom For 15 Hours With Human Feces, Trash

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