4 New COVID-19 Variants Found In NYC Sewers

A group of researchers discovered four new COVID-19 mutants in New York City’s sewers and pointed out that new strains could reduce the effectiveness of existing vaccines.

and Preprint study medRxiv Announced Thursday, a team of virologists and microbiologists at City University of New York at Queen’s University and Queen’s Borrow University, New School, and the University of Missouri found that four new combinations of COVID mutations could infect dogs and rats. Suggested that there is. For outbreaks in the city’s sewers.

Researchers have taken samples from 14 wastewater treatment plants in the city since June 2020 and spent months analyzing them for various COVID-19 variants.

They found that the four mutants may have some type of antibody resistance. This means that the current COVID-19 vaccine may not be very effective against these mutants when compared to its effectiveness against the original coronavirus strain.

Researchers presented their work to New York City authorities. However, they said the Environmental Protection Agency did not offer to support their research.

“City officials basically told us that if we wanted to monitor some of the mice, we would have to do it ourselves. Dr. Mark Johnson, a virologist at the University of Missouri. States: Documenting the COVID-19 project..

Officials from the Department of Health and Mental Health said they had reviewed “preliminary” studies and said they had not yet confirmed infection in rats.They also quoted study Conducted in Belgium, it was suggested that no rodent infection was found.

“One of the things we know from clinical trials and surveillance is that COVID-19 is endemic in New York. The best way for New Yorkers to protect themselves and others is to vaccinate. It’s about receiving, “said Patrick Gallahue, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. NBC New York..

News about this study was published by health officials in South Florida B.1.621 variantIt was first detected in Colombia, among some of the state’s coronavirus patients. This variant currently accounts for 10% of the total case sequence in the Pathology Laboratory at the University of Miami.

Baby wipes are choking sewer systems throughout the United States.
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4 New COVID-19 Variants Found In NYC Sewers Source link 4 New COVID-19 Variants Found In NYC Sewers

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