10 Logo Design Tips to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

If you’re a business owner looking to take your brand to the next level, there are several moves you can make. One of them is certainly reworking your logo so that it catches your target audience’s attention. Here are ten tips that you might find very useful.

Look for a quality designer

For starters, it’s always recommended to hire a quality designer to make your logo. They already have experience in the field and know what works best. Moreover, they will try to dig down to the core of your business when creating a logo that really matches your brand. Of course, you want someone you can talk with freely and offer ideas on what could be changed so look at a few portfolios before you pick a designer.

Keep it simple

On the other hand, if you’re working on a budget and want to make a logo on your own, you can turn to countless online templates. When picking the template, you want to keep it simple. As tempting as it might be to cram in a lot of information about your company into the logo, opting for simplicity will make a statement without overwhelming the audience. Some of the most famous logos, like Nike and Apple, are quite simple but have stood the test of time. Plus, a simple and clean logo will be much easier to read and understand.

Think about symmetry and proportions

Something else you want to keep in mind is the fact that symmetry and proportions play a big role in the look of a logo. If your logo includes curves and arcs, keep them consistent. If a part of the logo must stand out, try to make it so that it is still proportionate to the rest of the logo.

Choose the right color scheme

While your first instinct will probably be to use established company colors, there is no need to think inside the box. As colors carry meanings, you want a palette that will represent your company in the best light. From opting for a colorful design to keeping it monochromatic with shades of green, there are many options that can work for your brand. Additionally, you want to ensure the logo also looks good in grayscale as it sometimes won’t be printed in color.

Opt for a unique font

Besides the color, the font is also a bit part of the logo’s design. Fortunately, there are many interesting fonts you can choose from. Whether you think bold, all-caps fonts would work best or opt for hand-drawn script fonts for your brand, you will find an abundance of free fonts online that will make your brand name stand out. What is more, you can even personalize fonts to make them more unique.

Strive for something recognizable

To establish yourself in your field, you want your audience to notice you immediately. For that to happen, your logo should be something unique and instantly recognizable. As your first idea will probably be the most generic, give it some thought before you opt for the final design.

Use shapes in the design

Using shapes in your design can also help your logo stand out. For instance, you can opt for a square or circle to achieve a professional look. Shapes also allow you to use eye-catching textures and gradients to further improve the design. The “boxed in” approach works great for letterheads and merchandise too.

Imagine your logo in use

When designing a logo, it’s always important to think about its use. Will it be used on coffee cups, on paper documents, or as a neon sign? Different logos work best in different situations so you have to see how the logo appears in use before you opt for it.

Make the most of negative space

Something a good designer will definitely pay attention to is the negative space on your logo. For instance, have you ever noticed the arrow in the FedEx logo? Perhaps you can come up with something similar in your logo.

Don’t be afraid of change

If you believe your current design can be improved, change is a great thing. However, you also don’t want to completely alienate your current customers. With that in mind, you want to change your logo gradually. Consider a different layout or font while keeping the same colors, for example. You can also keep the same design but look for a better color scheme. Just look at Pepsi’s logo and how it changed over more than 120 years.

Keep these 10 tips in mind when trying to improve your logo and take your brand to the next level.

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