​​Erika Jayne’s Could Demand Salary Increase For ‘RHOBH’

When Erika Jayne returns to Season 12, “The Real Housewife in Beverly Hills,” she can see a significant salary increase.

Sources said We weekly When Jane returns to the next season of the Bravo reality show, “requesting a higher salary” is “no doubt.”

“Passing the exploiters and following the producer’s orders,” Jane said, sharing details of a $ 25 million proceeding against her in the legal affairs of her husband Tom Girardi. Is expected to be the only focus of the.

“There will be more next season,” the insider added.

Exposé, announced last week by the New York Times, revealed that Jane earned $ 600,000. “RHOBH” Season 11.. Her legal drama is reportedly attracting more viewers, and the network expects the same result if she returns to the cast.

“The rating was off the chart because of her story and what she was exposed to,” said the insider. “What she is dealing with [regarding] Tom [Girardi] The court isn’t over yet, so you can only imagine what next season will bring. “

However, appearing in the show may be against what Jane sees, as Bravo has been summoned in a reality star’s unbroadcast “RHOBH” footage.

Jay Ederson, a lawyer who previously worked with Girardi, may help unbroadcast footage recover some of the money from the fund that was supposed to be paid to the families of the plane crash victims. I don’t believe it.

“I’m confident that Bravo has some information to help Tom Girardi try to get back the stolen customer’s money,” Edelson said. Page 6..

“This includes unbroadcast footage of Erica and Tom. It also includes documentation, such as Erica’s contract with The Real Housewives and email and text exchanges with the Bravo team. increase. We hope that Bravo will take advantage of this tragedy to raise its praise and choose a path of cooperation rather than making a fortune for themselves. “

Jane’s Legal Team She continues to insist that she is not responsible for the $ 25 million proceedings. “Based on evidence and law, Erica cannot be said to be liable for any claim against her,” said Jane’s lawyer, Evan C. Boji.

“All claims against Erica correspond to efforts to blame her for the actions of others, including Girardi Keith and Tom Girardi.”

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​​Erika Jayne’s Could Demand Salary Increase For ‘RHOBH’ Source link ​​Erika Jayne’s Could Demand Salary Increase For ‘RHOBH’

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